OFFICIAL Since 1990



JANSKY Jansky started DJing in 1990 at the age of 17 gaining local club residencies he quickly progressed into producing releasing his first single in 1994. Support from Dutch DJ's allowed Jansky to turn professional with a string of Techno, Gabba, Drum & Bass releases and a successful Tech House release which resulted in Jansky setting up several record labels during the 90's. He worked for a recording studio as a sound engineer as well as managing his own small studio. Jansky was assistant Editor for a local Music Magazine, gig guide and band management company in the 90's.  

Fast forward to 2013 having spent 12 months saving to buy a small studio Jansky had a serious accident needing several operations, skin graft and metal work. Jansky spent all his studio money covering his expenses while off work. He finally recovered from his accident and after learning to walk again, he spent another 12 months saving for a small studio. Jansky was finally able to continue his journey in the music business in 2016.  


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